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Old 07-29-2015, 01:34 PM
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Default Grilled CheeseHicken

the chili-dog casserole reminded me of this one - it's a good 'use up some chicken' dish.

This is an interesting take-off on the sandwich "melt" concept.

the chicken:
Using left over chicken, slice, dice, chop the chicken proper into a small dice - 1/4 to max 3/8 inch

dice - large chunks are not your friend.
two cups of chopped chicken meat = four sandwiches
be sure to check carefully and remove any bones, cartilage, nasty stuff.
a moist cooked left over chicken is essential; stewed, braised.
if the chicken meat is dry, you'll need to add so much moisturizer that the whole thing falls apart in the pan:

the seasoning:
hugely dependent on how the left over chicken was initially cooked.
from the braised chicken, I added
finely diced onion
finely diced celery
two tablespoons mayo to two cups of meat
mix well / coat
no salt / pepper / heat / other as needed, but that _does_ depend on how the chicken was initially seasoned and cooked.

the bread:
sturdy. not Wonderbread.
I like a whole grain bread - 12 grain, 7 grain
a chewy artisan white / rye / pumpernickel would work

the cheese:
yellow American slices are a 'comfort food' in this household; that's the 'norm' here
swiss, muenster, provalone - work equally as well and my preference

slice of bread
roughly 1/4 cup chicken meat
thin slice of tomato
slice of cheese
top slice of bread

the grill:
at medium low heat, pat of butter
cheese side down, grill sandwich until golden brown and delicious
grill other side

the hold:
can be held on a rack in a low temp oven - 275-300'F - for 5-10 minutes
the hold can help heat things through

going crazy:
any left over sauerkraut? some russian dressing?
that makes a Grilled RuebyCheeseHicken!
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