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Default trivia 6/13

trivia 6/13
Because sharks very rarely get cancer, scientists study their cartilage in
the hopes of finding a cure for the disease.

1. Randle McMurphy is the central character in which novel / film ?
2. What's the more common name for Erythrocytes and leukocytes ?
3. Who was the first to be President of FIFTY States ?
4. In relation to colors appearing on their national flags, which of the
following is the odd one out?
a. - USA
b. - France
c. - Italy
d. - United Kingdom
5. The International Court of Justice (also called the World Court) is
located in what city?
6. Arnold Schwarzenegger was born where ?
a. - Poland
b. - Hungary
c. - Romania
d. - Austria
7. What was the correct spelling for the winning word in 2006? This is a
a. - Ursprace
b. - Ursprach
c. - Ursprache
d. - Urspracke
8. Cartoon character Porky Pig had a girlfriend, what was her name?

In Southeast Asia, they drink a wine made with venomous snakes.
1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
2. Blood Cells, Red & White
3. Dwight D. Eisenhower
4. - c
5. The Hague
6. Austria
7. - c
8. Petunia

Originating in Vietnam and found throughout Southeast Asia, snake wine is an
alcoholic beverage bottled with a whole venomous snake inside. One variety
is made by placing a large snake into a glass jar of rice wine, often with
smaller snakes, and allowing it to steep. Consumed after the poisonous venom
has been rendered inactive by the alcohol, snake wine is said to have
medicinal properties and is billed as a cure for a range of ailments.
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