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Old 03-06-2020, 03:38 PM
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Default Re: How do I get a good crust on sea scallops?

good looking !

the key is to have a really hot pan, very little oil/fat, and dry scallops.
'all butter' as the only and too much fat will burn at roughly 250'F - a little butter will give you a bit more color, but too much makes for bitter burnt....

I checked the package on the Weis dry pack scallops. there is zilch info on "packed by" - I was hoping to discover the supplier behind the 'store label'
the "lot number" shows '02689 2722' - now,,,, the 02689 is suspiciously like a USDA "plant code" and digging in it does trace to American Foods out of Norfolk, VA - all good so far.... but their coding indicates M for meat and P for poultry processing. nothing about shellfish. if you're looking for dry pack just check the label ingredients section. anything listed other than "scallops" is very likely a preservative and plumping agent/chemical.

I usually preheat the CI on low gas flame, then when the handle is too hot to touch (my version of 'yup, it's preheated') add peanut or safflower oil and crank up the flame until it is quite literally giving off smoke. the oven preheat is another method.

I'm exhausting my peanut oil and moving away from peanut oil . . . I find it imparts a taste...that I don't like. safflower seems to remain quite neutral.
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dry scallops, pan-seared, sea scallops

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