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Default trivia 5/25

trivia 5/25
If Pope Gregory XIII would not have established the Gregorian calendar,
which most of the world now observes, in 1582, then every 128 years the
vernal equinox would have come a full calendar day earlier, eventually
putting Easter in midwinter.

1. From which meat was the German dish of sauerbraten originally made?
a. - Dog
b. - Cat
c. - Horse
d. - Chicken
2. In which 1998 comedy movie would you find the characters Bobby Boucher,
Vicki Vallencourt and Steve the horse?
3. Who was the general defeated by Sir Bernard Montgomery at El Alamein?
4. What is the correct spelling of the word, beginning with "M", that
represents 1000 years ?
5. Which actor, known for his wicked, wicked ways, portrayed Captain Blood,
Robin Hood, and George Armstrong Custer on the silver screen?
6. McKinley Morganfield, often described as "The father of modern Chicago
blues", is/was better known by which bemired pluvial nickname?
7. Name That Flick ;
" New York's most powerful gangster is about to get in touch with his
feelings. _YOU_ try telling him his 50 minutes are up."
8. Thiamin is better known as .....
a. - Vitamin E
b. - Vitamin C
c. - Vitamin D
d. Vitamin B1

The earliest predecessor of the game of Chess was played in the 6th century
A.D. in what is now the Szechwan area of China.
1. - c
2. The Waterboy
3. Rommel
4. Millennium
5. Errol Flynn
6. Muddy Waters
7. "Analyze This"
8. - d

India is the birthplace of chess. The original word for "chess" is the
Sanskrit chaturanga, meaning "four members of an army" which were most
likely elephants, horses, chariots, and foot soldiers.
The earliest predecessor of the game probably originated in before
the 6th century AD; a minority of historians believe the game originated in
China. From India, the game spread to Persia. When the Arabs conquered
Persia, chess was taken up by the Muslim world and subsequently spread to
Southern Europe.
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Default Re: trivia 5/25

Didn't know 1,2 or 7.
Thanks Lucky.
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