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Default trivia 7/17

trivia 7/17
Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue is different.

1. According to Catholic teachings, which of the seven deadly sins is greed
for food?
2. What type of creature was Bilbo Baggins?
3. In 1950s UK, you would buy some potato crisps (potato chips in America) and inside each bag was a twist of blue paper. What was inside it?
a. - sugar
b. - Salt
c. - Pepper
d. - Garlic Powder
4. What is the "Federal City" (They don't have a "Capital") of
Switzerland ?
5. What soft drink asks you to "Obey Your Thirst" ?
6. In the NHL, how many minutes do you sit for a minor penalty ?
7. What major has classes in burping, changing diapers and heating bottles?
8. Boy George was the controversial singer of what band?
During his 2009 inauguration, Barak Obama wore a ring with six strands of
President Abraham Lincoln's hair mounted into it. The ring was loaned to
him by the Smithsonian National museum of American History.

1. Gluttony
2. A Hobbit
3. - b
4. Bern
5. Sprite
6. Two
7. Neonatology
8. Culture Club
President Teddy Roosevelt, not President Obama, wore this famous ring on his
inauguration in 1905.
Lincoln's assistant, John Hay, had the hair strands removed during Lincoln's
autopsy and later had had the ring created to honor his fallen friend.
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