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Default trivia 8/24

trivia 8/24
The Maldives is a country of over 1,900 islands, but with a land area of
only one percent of its total territory.

1. Who first told us the story about the Devil being a Fiddler ?
2. Dora the explorer has a monkey companion ; what's the little critter's
name ?
3. What's the one basic difference between Herbs and Spices ?
4. How many is a 'Score' ?
5. Remember the DeSoto automobile ? Which Company produced it, from 1928
till it was discontinued in 1961 ?
a. - General Motors
b. - Chrysler
c. - Studebaker
d. - DeSoto was a company in and of itself
6. Who played the inept Ensign Parker in all 138 episodes of
'McHale's Navy' ?
7. What's the basic difference between a Sickle and a Scythe ?
8. Theophrastus is known as "The Father of _____".
a. - Biology
b. - Botany
c. - Geometry
d. - Medicine

Remember Eddie, the Jack Russell Terrier on the hit series, “Frasier” ?
Eddie's real name is Moose, and he earned $1,000 per episode on the series.
....and he WASN'T a Jack Russell !
1. the Charlie Daniels Band
2. Boots
3. Herbs are from leaves, spices are not
4. - 20
5. - b
6. Tim Conway
7. the Sickle is a one-handed tool, the Scythe is a two-handed tool
8. - b

Moose earned $10,000 per episode !
Moose was the youngest of a litter of four, yet was also the biggest, hence
his name. Hyper and destructive as a pup, he eventually found his way to
Birds & Animals Unlimited, where he got his job playing Eddie on 'Frasier',
before going on to act in the film My Dog Skip (2000), along with his son,
and he has appeared in print ads, on the covers of Life and TV Guide, and
with Jay Leno and David Letterman.
Moose's son, Enzo, is also in show-business. They shared the part of Skip in
the movie My Dog Skip (2000).
Moose / Eddie received more fan mail than any of the other 'Frasier' cast
He was 15-and-a-half years old when he died.
Species: Parson Russell Terrier.
“I come from a home where gravy is a beverage.”
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Default Re: trivia 8/24

Missed 2,5 and 8
Thanks Lucky
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