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Old 08-17-2018, 11:00 AM
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Default trivia 8/17

trivia 8/17
Wall art in the Indus Valley dating from 3,500 BC depicts one of the
earliest records of meditation. The images show figures sitting in classic
yoga poses, with crossed legs, hands resting on knees, and slightly closed

1. 1773 was the Boston Tea Party; 1776 the Declaration of Independence was
printed; 1781 Cornwallis surrendered. When did the British effectively sign
the Treaty of Paris ending the American Revolutionary War?
a. – 1781
b. – 1783
c. – 1785
d. – 1787
2. The Stasi were the notorious Secret Police of which country?
a. - Romania under Ceausescu
b. - East Germany under Khrushchev
c. - Libya under Gaddafi
d. - Spain under Franco
3. Who wrote the music and lyrics for the Broadway production "The Lion
(Hint; two names)
4. Peter Weller played the cop whose brain was used to create the android
peace officer, Robocop. What was his character's name before becoming a real
cop of steel?
5. What inspired the name 'Macintosh'?
a. - It was the name of one of America's favorite apples
b. - It's Steve Wosniak's middle name
c. - They were the first 'rain-proof' computers
d. The company loved 'Columbo'. He used to wear a dirty mac
6. What should a breastfeeding mother do if the day is particularly hot?
a. - Drink lots of water herself and nurse frequently
b.- Supplement baby with formula
c. - Supplement baby with water
d. - Supplement baby with juice
7. Who would you go to, in pre-electricity days, to buy more candles?
8. The F-15 and F-16 are named after predatory birds. What birds are these
fighter jets named after?

The Trappist monks in an Abbey in Belgium operate a Craft Brewery with a
drive-thru beer store.
1. – b
2. - b
3. Elton John and Tim Rice
4. Murphy
5. - a
6. - a
7. the Chandler's Shop
8. Eagles and Falcons

The Monks sell their world-famous, award-winning beer brewed by five monks.
They only brew enough to support the Abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren,
Oh, and there’s a two-six pack limit per person at the drive-thru..
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Default Re: trivia 8/17

Missed 1 and 4.
Thanks Lucky.
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