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Default trivia 4/21

trivia 4/21
The largest cave in the world is in Vietnam. It is so big that it has its
own river, jungle and climate.

1. Paul Newman portrayed the character Eddie Felson twice in films,
garnering an acting Academy Award nomination on both occasions; Name the
2. Which sport was the first to be broadcast on Television ?
a. - Boxing
b. - Tennis
c. - Baseball
d. - Football
(Bonus; what year was it ?
a. - 1939
b. - 1944
c. - 1949
d. - 1954)
3. Which of these countries has the dollar as its currency?
a. - Philippines
b. - Galapagos Islands
c. - Haiti
d. - Tahiti
4. What is the translation normally given to the word 'Blitzkrieg'?
5. What TV host always ended the program by singing, "See the USA in your
Chevrolet..." ?
6. If you encountered someone with a Bindi, where on their body is it
located ?
a. - Forehead
b. - Wrist
c. - Waist
d. - Ankle
7. On "Seinfeld", what was the name of the carriage horse with the
flatulence problem ?
(Bonus; why did that poor horse have the problem ?)
8. How old was Sean Penn when he married Madonna ?
a. - 17
b. - 18
c. - 19
d. - 20
Drinking beer followed by wine will lead to quicker intoxication and a more
severe hangover.
1. "The Hustler" and "The Color of Money"
2. - c ( a )
3. - b
4. Lightning War
5. Dinah Shore
6. - a
7. Rusty (Kramer kept feeding the horse Baked Beans)
8. - a
CRAP !!Neither the order no the combination of beer and wine determines the degree of intoxication or the severity of a hangover.
The only determining factor is the quantity of the alcohol consumed.
"I have lived with several Zen Masters, all of them cats."
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