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Old 03-01-2017, 05:15 PM
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Default King Arthur Weights

I use King Arthur almost exclusively. This one time I had a question, called, and they put me on with one of the test kitchen bakers and couldn't have been more pleasant and helpful.
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Old 03-01-2017, 06:18 PM
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Default Re: King Arthur Weights

volumes and densities are always an adventure...
one of my projects is a pc program to display weight per volume for various stuff.

as I built the database I found many references, and very few of them agree.
USDA/nutrition/ag sites whole almonds 170 grams/cup
KA - 142 grams/cup
now, for nuts - not likely to make a big difference. but stuff like yogurt, tomato sauce/products, pasta, . . . . can make for disasters.

I use 130 g/cup for KA bread flour. but in reality I'm not a good source because I've 'tweaked' all my recipe notes for grams of solids and grams of liquids based on results.

for pasta, somewhere somebody was confused about how much flour to use per egg - every resource had a different idea. gosh. not only do flours differ in how they absorb liquids, eggs are not machine made - and the EU size labels don't correspond in weight to the US definitions . . . so like put a pile of flour on the table, make pasta and be happy. no problem!
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