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Default trivia 2/17

trivia 2/17
Bloodhounds can follow a scent trail that's four days old .

1. Strange words are These ; PARSIMONY...
a. - Has a 'Way With Words'
b. - Extreme generosity
c. - Extreme Stinginess
d. - Very friendly ; Extroverted
2. Do you recall the movie in which Cary Grant plays a ghost ??
(Hint; The character's wife and dog are also ghosts...)
3. Steel is an alloy of what two elements ?
4. I have a condition named hypothyroidism. What doctor should I see?
a. - Gastrologist
b. - Endocrinologist
c. - Hepatologist
d. - Toxicologist
5. What does the acronym SIM, as in SIM card, stand for?
6. Who sang these lyrics in 1980?
"Well, I love a rainy night
I love a rainy night
I love to hear the thunder
Watch the lightning
When it lights up the sky
You know it makes me feel good"
(Hint; it wasn't Cheryl Crow, and it wasn't Howlin' Wolf...)
7. Who connects "The 39 Steps", "Rear Window" and "The Lady Vanishes" ?
8. Which of these actors NEVER played Enebezer Scrooge ?
a. - George C. Scott
b. - Patrick Stewart
c. - Albert Finney
d. - John Barrymore

'Star Wars' creators designed Yoda to look like Albert Einstein.
1. - c
2. 'Topper' (1937)
3. Iron and Carbon
4. - b
5. Subscriber Identity Module
6. Eddie Rabbit
7. Alfred Hitchcock
8. - d (But his brother Lionel did !)

Yoda was partially modeled on Albert Einstein.
Stuart Freeborn, the make-up supervisor for the original Star Wars trilogy,
first modeled Yoda's face after his own but was dissatisfied so he added a
few of Albert Einstein's features to make Yoda look wiser.
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Default Re: trivia 2/17

Didn't know number 8
Thanks Lucky
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