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Default trivia 1/9

trivia 1/9
Because hieroglyphs have no vowels, we will never know for sure how the
ancients pronounced their words.

1. Strange words are These ;
When one EXPISCATES something, what is the action spoken of?
2. What is the name of the lion in the "Narnia" books by C.S. Lewis?
3. Why did the Native Americans get along better with the French than the
English ?
4. What do the Initials 'BMW' stand for ?
5. Which large marine mammal connects a song by The Beatles and a poem by
Lewis Carroll?
6. Who penned 'The Odd Couple' ?
7. What is measured by a Hygrometer ?
8. If I suffer from 'Sapremia', my problem is _______ related...
a. - Skeleton
b. - Muscles
c. - Blood
d. - Mental

Early Native American tribes of Central and South America used
hallucinogenic potions made from common frogs and toads in many of their
religious rituals.
1. Does an Investigation - it means literally to 'Fish Out'
2. Aslan
3. The French wanted to trade with them, whereas the English wanted their
4. Bavarian Motor Works
5. the Walrus
6. Neil Simon
7. Relative Humidity
8. - c ... Blood Poisoning

Early Native Americans also used frogs and toads to produce strong poisons,
as well as healing medicines.
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Default Re: trivia 1/9

4,5,6 and 8.
Thanks Lucky!
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