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Default trivia 2/14

trivia 2/14
Humans shed 40 pounds of skin in their lifetime.

1. Tylenol (also called acetaminophen or paracetamol) is a highly effective
painkiller and fever reducer. What other drug is combined with Tylenol to
make Tylenol 3?
2. In the 2008 film, 'Marley & Me', What was the most glaring difference
between "Marley" & "me"
3. Cheilitis affects which part of the body ?
a. - Ears
b. - Lips
c. - Scalp
d. - Eyes
4. Which river, flowing through the Northwest Territories into the Arctic
Ocean, is Canada's longest, measuring 4,241 km (2,629 miles) long?
a. - St. Lawrence
b. - Ottawa
c. - Mackenzie
d. - Fraser
5. It's not a rodent, but what sort of animal was once known as a Reremouse?
6. How many years did O.J. Simpson spend in Prison ?
a. - 0
b. - 3
c. - 5
d. - 8
7. In the movie "Back to the Future II", what team won the 2015 World
8. Name That TV Series...
It aired from 1958 to 1964, and starred Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. and Roger
Smith, featured a high class Hollywood detective agency .

If you traveled at the speed of light, you could reach Pluto in just four
1. Codeine
2. Marley was a dog
3. - b
4. - c
5. a Bat
6. - d
7. Chicago Cubs
8. 77 Sunset Strip

If you traveled at the speed of light, you could reach Pluto in just four
hours!. Remember to pack a sandwich, just in case you get hungry on the
trip !
I come from a home where gravy is a beverage.
― Erma Bombeck
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Default Re: trivia 2/14

Missed 4 and 5
Thanks Lucky
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