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Default trivia 3/25

trivia 3/25
The irony of the conservative Christian vote in the 1980 US Presidential
They voted for a man who rarely attended church over one who always

1.Name the Walt Disney film that is slightly based on the Grimm Brothers'
version of the "Rapunzel" fairy tale...
2. The words, " Om mani padme hum" are associated with what religion ?
3. Queen Victoria passed away at the age of 81 on January 22 and President
William McKinley died on September 6, in what year ?
4. In the thirteenth century, Marco Polo travelled to Cathay and met a great
ruler. Who was this ruler?
5. International Yoga Day falls on the longest day of the year in the
Northern Hemisphere. On which day of the year is International Yoga Day?
6. What flower has seeds that are used to produce cooking oil, is the state
flower of Kansas, , and is the national flower of Ukraine?
7. When you create a piece of pottery, you add color to it with a special
material. What is this material called?
8. Which of these trees is a nut-bearer native to North America?
a. - Pecan
b. - Cashew
c. - Macadamia
d. - Pistachio

Walt Disney World Resort is larger in area than the city of San Francisco.
1. 'Tangled'
2. Buddhism
3. 1901
4. Kublai Khan
5. June 21
6. Sunflower
7. Glaze
8. - a

San Francisco covers 30,009.6 acres ; Walt Disney World resort covers 30,500
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Default Re: trivia 3/25

I got 4,6 and 8
Thanks Lucky
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