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Default trivia 9/13

trivia 9/13
During the 1872 election, presidential incumbent Ulysses S. Grant ran
against a corpse. His opponent, Horace Greeley, died before the election was

1. To which of the Fifty must I travel in order to visit the Little Big Horn
Battlefield ?
2. On which network did Walter Cronkite cover the news?
3. On which of the great lakes is Chicago situated?
4. What is Daniel Radcliff's best-known film role ?
(Hint; He played the role in eight Films)
5. Who Am I ?
I was US Secretary of State in the 1970s played the key role in negotiating
the end of US involvement in the Vietnam War and establishing diplomatic
relations with China. I am a Nobel Peace Prize winner...
6. Horror Movie Villains ;
A chainsaw is his weapon of choice, run like the wind if you are face to
face with him !
7. What is LASIK surgery?
a. - A surgery to remove cataracts.
b. - An eye transplant.
c. - A surgery to cure astigmatism.
d. - A surgery to correct near- or far-sightedness.
8. The Scooter was the nickname of what Yankee Baseball player of the
Fifties ?
(Hint; Upon retirement, he went on to be the "Voice of the Yankees", and
"called the Play" on a Meat Loaf song...)
Great Horned Owls enjoy eating skunks, because owls, like most birds, have
no sense of smell.
1. Montana
2. CBS
3.Lake Michigan
4. Harry Potter
5. I am Henry Kissinger
6. Leatherface
7. - d
8. Phil Rizzuto
However, Horned Owls have to be careful while hunting skunks,as the spray
can blind an owl.
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