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Default Trivia 10/12

Trivia 10/12
That the Great Wall is a single, continuous wall built all at once is a
myth. In reality, the wall is a discontinuous network of wall segments built
by various dynasties to protect China's northern border.

1. There were six teams in the original National Hockey League... can you
name them ?
(Okay, I'll settle for five of the six...)
(Hint; all six are still active teams...)
2. In which of the following continents would I most likely be if I ran into
a spitting cobra in the wild?
a. - South America
b. - Europe
c. - Asia
d. - Africa
3. In which sport(s) can you roughly determine the strength of your
opponent's ability by simply looking at their clothing?
4. Ramen is a dish originating .... where ?
a. Thailand
b. - China
c. - Japan
d. - Korea
5. What is the last book of what Christians call the Old Testament?
6. If I suffer from cynophobia, what is I fear ?
a. - Dogs
b. - Cats
c. - snakes
d. - Mice
7. In what year did the Red Chinese occupy Tibet?
a. - 1941
b. - 1951
c. - 1961
d. - 1971
8. Complete the 1974 Novel title ... "
"Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, ____"

A chicken lived without a head for eighteen months.
1. Boston Bruins, Chicago Black Hawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal
Canadiens, New York Rangers, and the Toronto Maple Leafs
2. - d
3. Martial Arts, i.e. - Judo Karate, etc.
4. - c
5. Malachi
6. - a
7. - b
8. "Spy"

Chicken brains are concentrated at the back of the skull, and there isn't
much to begin with anyway. For that reason, a decapitated chicken can
survive for quite a while, living off just its nerve endings.
Mike the Headless Chicken is perhaps the most famous example. Its owner, a
farmer named Lloyd Olsen, chopped his head off in 1945, but the chicken just
didn't die. So the family kept him around and dropped food and water
directly into his esophagus. It finally gave out after 18 months and
considerable media attention.
"I have lived with several Zen Masters, all of them cats."
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