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Default trivia 3/26

trivia 3/26
Roman Augustus Caesar held the first recorded lottery that offered tickets
for sale.

1. In which of the Fifty was the Comstock Lode discovered in 1850 ?
a. - California
b. - Nevada
c. - Alaska
d. - New Mexico
2. An old-fashioned way of getting your messages through is suggested by
which double sound word?
3. What cigarette's slogan was 'You've come a long way, baby"?
4. Randle McMurphy is the central character in which novel?
5. In which song does Dolly Parton sing, "Please don't take him just because
you can."?
6. Who Said That ??
"I do nothing that a man of unlimited funds, superb physical endurance, and
maximum scientific knowledge could not do."
a. - Superman
b. - Batman
c. - Ironman
d. - Spiderman
7. Why is French Toast not really toast ?
8. Strange Words are These ; SYNERGIST ...
a. - a quality of variability and lack of uniformity
b. - a supporter who accepts something as true
c. - a drug that augments the activity of another drug
d. - the act of moving forward suddenly

The word, "Run" has the most definitions of all the English words, with 396.
1. - b
2. snail-Mail
3. Virginia Slims
4. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
5. 'Jolene'
6. - b
7. Because it's fried, not toasted.
8. - c

"Set" has 464 definitions in the Oxford English Dictionary. "Run" runs a
distant second, with 396. Rounding out the top ten are "go" with 368, "take"
with 343, "stand" with 334, "get" with 289, "turn" with 288, "put" with 268,
"fall" with 264, and "strike" with 250.
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Default Re: trivia 3/26

Didn't know number 6
Thanks Lucky
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