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Default trivia 3/30

trivia 3/30
Baby elephants suck on their trunks like human babies suck on their thumbs.

1. Which of the following people would you most likely expect to see walking
around with a 'baedeker' in their hands?
a. - Banker
b. - Tourist
c. - Priest
d. - Clown
2. Who invented vulcanized rubber ?
3. Who Said That ??
"Always go to other people's funerals, otherwise they won't come to yours."
4. From which language does the word "angel" ultimately derive?
a. - Latin
b. - Greek
c. - French
d. - Italian
5. What type of bird appears on the flag of Papua New Guinea?
a. - Bird of Paradise
b. - Kiwi
c. - Albatross
d. - Puffin
6. Which British Prime Minister succeeded John Major and preceded Gordon
7. What does the German term "Blitzkrieg" literally mean?
8. Julius Caesar was said to have "falling sickness". What would this
disease be called today?

Approximately one-fourth of the 230-250 bones in a cat's skeleton are found
in the tail, with the exception of the anurous (tailless) Manx.
1. - b (It's a Guide Book)
2. Charles Goodyear
3. Yogi Berra
4. - b
5. - a
6. Tony Blair
7. Lightning war
8. Epilepsy

Approximately one-tenth of the 230-250 bones in a cat's skeleton are found
in the tail, with the exception of the anurous (tailless) Manx. These 23 or
so caudal vertebrae combined with tendons, ligaments and striated muscle,
give the cat excellent control over its tail for balance and communication.
Only the domestic cat holds its tail upright as it walks, while all wild
cats hold their tails either horizontally or tucked between their legs. No
cats have a clavicle, which is why they can fit into just about any space
that their head can.
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Default Re: trivia 3/30

Got 2,4,5,6,7 and 8
Thanks Lucky
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