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Old 11-15-2018, 10:39 AM
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Default trivia 11/15

trivia 11/15
The word, 'Escalate' did not exist until the invention of the Escalator in

1. What was the name of the character played by Joan Collins in the soap
opera "Dynasty"?
2. "Spread", "Pin" and "Tab" are all types of what?
3. Each year since 2010, Gerber has run a contest to find the child who will
represent their brand for the next year. What was unique about the Gerber
Baby who was chosen in 2018?
4. What are the names of the two basic stitches in knitting?
5. Name That flick ;
To save her father, a young girl impersonates a male soldier in the Chinese
army and ends up defeating the Huns, saving China and bringing her family
6. Fill In The Blanks ;
By common consent the Second World War was started when _______ invaded
______ in ____.
7. Who wrote about killers Richard "Dick" Hickock and Perry Smith in the
non-fictional novel "In Cold Blood"?
8. In which country are the remains of the Mycenaean culture?

Venus has the shortest ‘Day’ (one rotation) of all the planets in our
system. Compared to the time it takes Venus to complete one revolution
around the Sun (a ‘Year’), it means that Venus’s year is 545 days long.
1. Alexis Colby
2. Shirt Collars
3. The first ever with Down's Syndrome
4. Knit stitch and purl stitch
5. 'Mulan'
6. Germany - Poland - 1939
7. Truman Capote
8. Greece

Because Venus rotates very slowly on its axis (taking 243 days to make a
complete rotation), a day on Venus is longer than its year.
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Default Re: trivia 11/15

Didn't know 2 or 5.
Thanks Lucky!
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