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Default trivia 12/6

trivia 12/6
In 2001, Argentina had 5 presidents in 10 days.

1. The Brooklyn Dodgers appeared in seven World Series...How many times did they win the World Series ?
a. - 0
b. - 1
c. - 2
d. - 3
2. When you read the list of ingredients on a can of soda or apple sauce,
you might come across the term HFCS. What does HFCS stand for?
3. A clash with the then CEO John Sculley made Steve Jobs quit Apple and
form a new company. What was this new company called?
4. In Egyptian mythology, Who is the son of Osiris, Personified as a
falcon ?
5. "The Odd Couple" was turned into a classic 1960s movie and a successful
1970s TV sitcom, but who wrote the Play these were based on ?
6. Fill in the Blank ;
In the Christian song, "My Hope is Built", the singer says, "On Christ the
Solid Rock I stand all other ground is _______ ____ "
(Hint ; Both words begin with s...)
7. What is the Capital of Manitoba ?
8. Only two stars won the "Best Actor" award two years in a row ; Tom Hanks
did it, and who did it before him ?
a. - Gary Cooper
b. - Spencer Tracy
c. - Errol Flynn
d. - Humphrey Bogart

'Super Mario Brothers' is the most popular video of all time. It has sold
over 170 million units in its various forms since its release in September,

1. - b
2. High Fructose Corn Syrup
3. NeXT
4. Horus
5. Neil Simon
6. Sinking Sand
7. Winnipeg
8. b

You need to change 'Super Mario Brothers' to 'Tetris', and change 1985 to
1984, and it becomes TRUTH ,
Rounding out the top five games;
5. - 'Super Mario Brothers'
4. - 'Grand Theft Auto'
3. - 'Wii Sports'
2. 'Minecraft'
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Default Re: trivia 12/6

Didn't know 1 or 8.
Thanks Lucky.
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