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Default Re: Red Meat

Well let me see, Great Grandmother lived to 105 years old and ate meat with every meal. She even ate the fat off of pork chops when I was a kid. I guess without it she might of lived to 150 instead.

I read a study once that stated if your parents where raised on the perfect diet and stayed on it. Then they raised you on that same diet you would live on average 3 months longer than some one that ate a poor diet. In my opinion through the years it is one thing or the other is bad for you be it whole eggs, whole milk, red meat etc. Fact is if one eats in moderation, excises regularly and isn't subject to genetic disease then they will live a long healthy life. I do tend to buy into that thought as dieticians are like lawyers and sociologist if the vanished tomorrow no body would notice they had gone.

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