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Default got Ransom?

I guess the liberal left snowflakes have been so well educated with the Common Core requirements they are brain dead.

mega-screams about infected computers, mega-mega-screams about people who paid the ransom but did not get their magic key. . . .

let's do some math:

reported by the MSM numbnuts: 200,000 computers locked up.
if it takes 30 seconds for the bad guy to confirm payment, look up the key, and email the key, that's = 200,000 * 30 = 6,000,000 seconds = 100,000 minutes = 1666.66666666666 hours =
69.44444444444444444 days.
if they don't sleep, eat or do anything else.

how many 'bad guys' involved? perhaps 3 . . . ?
no, there's not a gang of hundreds involved - somebody would blab.....

keep your data backed up on an external hard drive that you physically disconnect. keep a current image of the operating system.

do not set your computer to "automatically update" - do than manually like once a month and never install any update or patch that has not been released for at least a month.

I've never been hit by this sort of thing. actually the number 1 source of problems in my world has been screwed up Microsoft "patches" - they have caused me hours and hours and days and days of computer trouble shooting and rebuilding grief. viri and malware, not so much.
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