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Default Re: Boiled peanuts!

I'm having boiled peanuts for breakfast.

Well the results are in. I must say that they are the best boiled peanuts I have ever had. The nuts within the shells are very soft, not mushy. And have the texture like baked beans.
One thing I did different, I use kosher salt. [Less sodium.]

Where I live here in Florida, peanuts are grown everywhere. I use to grow a lot of them myself, but for the past 3 years I stopped growing them. Next year I'm going to grow some more.
Best way to grow peanuts: pick your plot of ground that you want use. Spread your green peanuts [out of shell] over ground, lay hay over peanuts then water. Water each day till the seeds start to sprout and take root. The plant will grow up through the hay, when they are the size you want them just grab the plant shake off the hay, and your good to go. In a plot of ground about 12 x12 you can get about a 5gal bucket of peanuts.

Thanks Qsis

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