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Default Re: Golumpki (stuffed cabbage)

Originally Posted by Fisher's Mom View Post
Ooooh, I don't even like cabbage but that looks delicious, Barb! I showed it to my neighbor and we have decided to make it for this weekend. Thanks, girlfriend!
If you do not like cabbage, just like me, do what I do. Instead of using the whole leaves of cabbage I buy Cole Slaw(sp?), make meat balls per recipe (though I do not understand purpose of milk), also I would recommend meat that is more tender. Personally keeping kosher doesnít allow me to use the other white meat, but I really think it is much better choice for stuffed cabbage or as they are called in Ukraine Goluptsi. But thatís beside the point. Where was I, aha Cole slaw? Grate some additional carrots and dice some onion finely, mix together. Now layer the pot with the mixture and meat balls, add some more of cabbage mix and meat again, and make sure the last layer of meat balls is covered with cabbage. Now cook per instruction. By the time you are finished cabbage will become practically non existent, or at least not really visible.
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