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Default Re: Any TNT recipes using garam masala?

Maybe they wanted more of those spices, but not the others that are in garam masala? That would have to be my guess. Regardless, they were all good. We especially like the beef and have made it quite a few times. We don't eat a whole lot of fish even though we both know we should. When we were SCUBA diving and hunting, we'd eat fish a bit more, but still not that often as we were real selective about what we'd take.

Do you like spicy stuff at all? If so, think about trying something with harissa. You can adjust the spice by how much you use. I have an excellent vegan/vegetarian (if you use the egg) meal, though it is a good bit of work, that uses harissa. It's also paleo friendly. I found the recipe because Dogboa was fussing at me for not using the spiralizer we bought. Oh, and neither of us could stop eating the brussel sprout chips, so make extra. I had to slap DB's hands away a couple of times so we'd have enough for the dish.
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