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Default trivia 11/13

trivia 11/13
A strand of spider silk long enough to encircle Earth would weigh just over
a pound.

1. What color is the wig that Miley Cyrus puts on to play Hannah Montana?
A. - Brown
B. - Red
C. - Blonde
D. - Black
2. On which of these Japanese islands is the capital city, Tokyo, situated?
a. - Shikoku
b. - Hokkaido
c. - Honshu
d. - Kyushu
3. The new-age rock band REM hails from what U.S. state?
a. - Oregon
b. - California
c. - Georgia
d. - New York
4. The Pale horse rider represents death ; what does the rider of the red
horse represent ?
5. Remember Frank Shorter ? He won a gold at the Olympics in 1972 and a
Silver in 1976...... What event ?
6. If you are keeping a Score Sheet for a Baseball game, what is the symbol
for a 'Walk' ?
7. The Navy keeps its clocks set according to 'Zulu Time' ; what's the more
formal name for Zulu Time ?
8. Where in the kitchen might I find Albumen ?

Cuban Leader Fidel Castro had a Hollywood Screen test, then landed roles in
two films.
1. - C
2. - c
3. - c
4. War (Acceptable; Bloodshed, slaughter)
5. Marathon Run
6. - BB
7. Greenwich Mean time
8. In the Refrigerator, inside your Eggs

While at the University of Havana, Castro was talent spotted by a Hollywood
scout and invited to go to California for a screen test. He went on to
appear as an extra in 'Holiday in Mexico', starring Walter Pidgeon, Jane
Powell and Roddy McDowell, and a second MGM film, 'Easy to Wed' (1946) with
Van Johnson, Esther Williams and Lucille Ball.
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