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Default Re: Dumplings: Got any TNT recipes for dumplings?

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Another question. I showed these to DW and she wondered if any of you have a recipe for .... or ever heard of Potato dumplings? DW's grandma used to make these on Thanksgiving along with a duck, and somehow used duck grease in the process.

She would make Turkey and duck on Thanksgiving and so much other stuff. It was always a feast.
I think my grandma called them Potato Knaidlach.

3 large raw potatoes -- peeled
1 cup matzo meal
3 Tbs canola oil
3 eggs
Boiling water or simmering broth

Grate potatoes. Squeeze out the water. Combine potatoes with matzo meal and oil. You can refrigerate for an hour or drop from a spoon into boiling water. Simmer with cover aslant about 25 - 35 minutes

Re the dumplings, my grandma called them matzo balls. You could use a mix (gasp) lol. The recipe is on the box of matzo ball mix. I'll see if I can locate my recipe. Some people like them fluffy, but I prefer them dense. My mom made them like rocks. Wet your hands & form the balls, & refrigerate for about a half hour. They are bland, so when possible, I cook them in homemade chicken stock broth. The broth may cloud, but you can strain it (along w vegetables, if you're making a soup).

There are "gussied up" recipes to boost the flavor, i.e. adding lemon zest or juice, chopped walnuts, parsley etc. I've even seen a recipe with tomato paste added to the "mix."
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