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Default Re: Ode to the Browning of Meat

This is exactly why I buy primal cuts of meat, or double thick cuts if it's on the shelf. You will never get a proper sear on those wafer thin pieces of meat the supermarkets put out there. All you'll wind up with is a gray piece of shoe leather.

Also, for good browning you need 2 things:
1) high heat and
B) fat

If you think you're going to get some browning on a "london broil" or any very lean meat without adding some sort of fat you're wrong.

For steaks on the grill I like to use a 3" thick steak, ribeye. I sear all sides over high heat, then reduce the heat until I reach the temp I want. I'll serve the steak by slicing as you would do a london broil, and you wind up with a tender center and nice crispy/well seasoned exterior.

Burgers seared in brown butter.

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