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Default Re: ISO something to do with some snapper fillets

andy, 5 words: huachinango al mojo de ajo!

it's a mexican classic. sort of the fishy version of chicken with 40 cloves of garlic. it's usually done with whole snapper, but filets will work.

you'll need 2 heads of garlic, a sweet onion, a fresh plum tomato, butter, evoo, s&p, fresh and dried chiles (serranos, poblanos, jalapenos, any kind you like), and fresh cilantro.

puree 1 head of garlic and the onion with about 1/4 cup of evoo. set aside.

score the skin on the snapper filets and season them with s&p. roughly chop the cloves from the remaining head of garlic and dice the fresh chiles. dice the tomatoes.

melt a tbsp or two of butter and just a little evoo in a skillet over medium heat. add garlic and chiles. stir for a minute then add snapper. fry on both sides until just cooked through. add some diced tomato just as it finishes.

in a seperate pan over medium high heat, fry the garlic/onion puree until toasty. add a good tbsp or two of dried chiles.

plate the filets, top with cooked chiles and tomato, then pour puree sauce over top. garnish generously with chopped fresh parsley.

now, if you want to get fancy, you can make it a la vercruzana and add some capers, olives, tomato paste, and herbs like oregano and bay.

or, you could add a little cream to the puree sauce, and even some queso blanco for a creamy cheesey garlic sauce.

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