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Originally Posted by ChowderMan View Post
huoge state of Flux as the Don would say . . .

my old account date from 2010 or so, I think... as an organization stab, I took to using albums by year name - simply to reduce the number of pix to scroll thru... but I did upload stuff earlier to what was/is(?) called my 'bucket'

some who have had their links blocked report they cannot access the account even directly on the photobucket site without 'up$grading'

there's no mention I could find of 'grandfathered' accounts - I saw a citation from an earlier blurb about 'heavy users' would have to upgrade - but that does not appear anymore / now on the photobucket site. it must be a Trump site because there is tons of mysterious / fake / real / who knows / news floating around. such as the company has been bleeding to death for a while and is near death comma anyway . . .

ye olde "and how do you intend to pay for this expedition, Dr. Livingstone?" question has (fatally) plagued any number of "free sites" over the years. once the initial funding has been burned through, it can get quite dicey.

should be an interesting future - considering the number of photos that could / will disappear from Forums / & the like....


Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return, unless thou pay Photobucket $400/year. The 14-year-old photo hosting site recently stopped letting outside sites display its photos for free, a move that instantly broke images on blogs, home pages, and eBay and Amazon listings, and infuriated longtime users. Some users are even having trouble downloading their own images, driving home an expensive lesson: Never trust a third-party site to hold onto your photos forever.

Every few months or years an old hosting service shuts down or starts charging for previously free services, often leaving users little or no time to recover their data. As Gizmodo’s Casey Chan put it when Webshots deleted its photos in 2012, “Your old pictures on the internet are going to be deleted.” Full stop. Some day Flickr will shut down, as will Picasa, Imgur, and Facebook. Maybe in a year, maybe in a century, but it will happen. So always keep local copies of your photos, like all your other priceless data. And keep a couple of cloud backups for when your house burns down.
Facebook? People will lose.their.minds.
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