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Luckytrim 08-13-2019 04:36 AM

trivia 8/13
trivia 8/13
Although child marriage is illegal in Ethiopia, 49% of girls marry before 18
and nearly 1 in 5 Ethiopian girls is married before 15.

1. In the first quarter of the twenty-first century, which country gets the
highest percentage of its electricity from nuclear powered plants?
a. - USA
b. - Russia
c. - France
d. - Japan
2. Who Am I ??
I was the only baseball player to win MVP honors in both the National and
American Leagues.
I made my debut on April 8, 1975, as the 1st black baseball manager in the
Major Leagues playing as a player-manager for the Cleveland Indians
I finished my playing career with a lifetime batting average of .294 and a
total of 586 home runs.
3. Strange Words are These ; "lanugo"
a. - a boat for use in shallow water
b. - a tropical fruit with a purplish rind
c. - a crude shelter found in New Guinea
d. - a downy body hair
4. Courteney Cox, known for playing Monica on the popular TV comedy
'Friends', plays the lead role in another TV comedy ; name it !
5. Between 1958 and 1963, The Kingston Trio had ten Billboard Top Pop 40
hits. name the only one to reach Number One...
6. I am taking a trip to South America to see the Nazca Lines. To what
country will I be going?
7. Who was the first astronomer of the Renaissance to propose the theory of
a. - Johannes Kepler
b. - Nicolaus Copernicus
c. - Tycho Brahe
d. - Galileo Galilei
8. What was the first major battle of the American Civil war?

The perpetually happy "Smiley" face was originally created to boost morale
among employees of an insurance company..

1. - c
2. I am Frank Robinson
3. - d
4. 'Cougar Town '
5. 'Tom Dooley'
6. Peru
7. - b
8. 1st Battle of Bull Run / Manassas

The perpetually happy "Smiley" face, with its yellow face and two black dot
eyes, was invented in 1963. It was originally created to boost morale among
employees of an insurance company.
According to the Smithsonian Institution, the smiley face as we know it
today was created by Harvey Ross Ball, an American graphic artist. In 1963,
Ball was employed by State Mutual Life Assurance Company of Worcester,
Massachusetts (now known as Hanover Insurance) to create a happy face to
raise the morale of the employees. Ball created the design in ten minutes
and was paid $45 (equivalent to $368 in 2018).
His rendition, with a bright yellow background, dark oval eyes, full smile,
and creases at the sides of the mouth, was imprinted on more than fifty
million buttons and became familiar around the world.

Sass Muffin 08-13-2019 08:33 AM

Re: trivia 8/13
I got 6,7 and 8
Thanks Lucky

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